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November Product Photography Roundup

My Entrance into Small Shop Product Photography

I’ve always been a fan of photographing flat lays and food, but it wasn’t until November, 2020 that I ever considered entering the world of commercial product photography.

It didn’t take long for me to fall in LOVE with product photography. I love all of the creative ways I’m learning to photograph products– whether they’re flat lays or modeled.

I’m especially passionate about photographing products from small shops owned and run by moms. As a mompreneur myself, I have a heart for helping other mamas improve sales through eye-catching photos.

So let’s recap my product collaborations from November! Ready? Let’s go!

Small Shop Product Photography

Serendipitous Co. Shop

These hair clips from Serendipitous Co. Shop are super cute, and she has a TON of designs! She has styles for little girls and women of all ages. Something I like is that each one is individual and different, since they’re all hand made. Adds character when they’re not all the exact same thing!

Alkaro Hair Scissors

Since I cut my family’s hair at home, I’m always on the lookout for a good pair of scissors! These Aklaro scissors did not disappoint! For the price point, I was surprised by how much came in the little package. The cape was a welcome sight, because beforehand I would always just cut a hole in a (clean) garbage bag and stick it on my victim’s head. Totally redneck, but it works. 😂 Pretty sure my family is all happy I finally got a real cape, though.

Kiss Mason Jars

These personalized sippy cups from Kiss Mason Jars are super cool! I love the fact that they’re stainless steel, not just because I prefer avoiding plastic when possible, but also because they’re super durable and don’t trap odors. The lid has a rubber seal which comes off easily in order to allow for thorough cleaning. And the best part? My son loves them!!

Wrapping Up

So there we go for the month of November! I have been doing lots more collabs since then, so be on the lookout for more compilation posts coming soon!

January 28, 2021

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