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Oh friends, I can’t wait to introduce you to these two love birds! I am so thrilled that I was able to offer them a newlywed photography session this year, in spite of living over 1,200 miles apart and all the other craziness of 2020!

Meet Danny & Esther

I originally met Danny & Esther in 2016 during my doula certification training with Dulce Birthing Services. Granted, they didn’t share a last name at the time. 😉 Esther was a fellow birth and postpartum doula; Danny was my mentor’s son. Flash forward to 2020, and they’re now a glowing newlywed couple! Guys, they are SO in love! It’s utterly adorable. 🥰

When I heard about their marriage, I’ll admit that I wasn’t altogether surprised. I had had a hunch for a while, and there were multiple times when Danny’s mom confided that she hoped something would happen between them. 😂 Needless to say, I was overjoyed when I heard about them tying the knot!

My Trip Down South

I had never considered photographing them, since they live in Texas and I’m in Michigan. But in September we drove down to visit family, and I realized I could offer the new Mr. & Mrs. a newlywed photography session!

Granted, I didn’t give them much advance notice. In fact, it was only about 12 hours of heads’ up. 😂🙈 But they were so accommodating in spite of the short notice, and agreed to meet up the next morning for their shoot!

I was particularly excited about their session because I don’t often get to photograph couples. Especially couples that will let me try out all sorts of crazy poses on them. 😆

They were so gracious the entire time, even though I had all four of my children with me on the shoot and was *slightly* distracted at times. 😅 Danny was making everyone crack up with his jokes and funny faces, and Esther was game for every pose I wanted them to try. At one point she even changed into a more flowy skirt so she could piggyback on Danny. Such a great sport!

Honestly, the entire session was just a blast, and I’m so glad we were able to fit it into the schedule with only 12 hours’ notice! They were real troopers. Enjoy this peak into their gallery!

Couple Photography Session in the Fall

December 1, 2020

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